HOUSE OF BRUJITA: FRIDAY the 13th of December @ 9:00 am PST

Luna Retrograde

Luna Retrograde was born into an average family in an average home in an average neighborhood in an average world. But Luna was not average, no. Luna was different, she was special. 

Her family began to notice that Luna was unlike them almost right away. When she was an infant her pacifier somehow made it to her mouth, even though her mother had left it across the room. The comforting baby blanket that no one could find floated its way into her crib...literally. At first, these levitating objects were written off as exhausted, new parents seeing things. Luna’s abilities were harder to ignore once they became more powerful and began to expand. 

When she was three, Luna could lift her brother in the air, without touching him, just to make him laugh. When she was five, Luna would concentrate hard on the candles her mother loved to light and she’d extinguish them with the blink of an eye. Her talents weren’t always fun to watch. The older she got and the more her family tried to suppress what was going on, the angrier Luna felt. 

A dish extracted from a cabinet and flung across the room, while Luna sat seething at the kitchen table as her parents tried to lie about her abilities to their friends; the flame on the stove turning into a kitchen fire when Luna was asked to tone it down. The laughs were endless but so were the concerns. 

Once her average family accepted that their daughter was so much more than average, the outbursts ceased to exist. Instead, Luna began to cultivate and perfect the unique talents that came so easily to her. She adopted the name of “Brujita.”

The moniker came as a loving joke amongst her family and closest friends but Luna owned it with confidence and authority as she became stronger and more sure of what she was able to do and what she knew she could achieve.

It wasn’t long before House of Brujita formed. 

House of Brujita isn’t a place but a community. It was never intentionally created. It arose and developed organically, as a necessity for people who were just a little bit different than the rest; a group of people looking for mirrored spirits.

Their talents set them apart. They don’t possess the kind of talent meant for display and applause. They are not gifts that were passed along with a receipt to exchange if they weren’t liked. They are abilities, interwoven into their DNA, unchangeable. 

What started as a flicker, for Luna Retrograde, turned into a flame which erupted into a wildfire looking to spread and be known. Luna knows there are others out there like her and she knows what can happen when you try to ignore the flame. The embers burn out and there is a consumption by darkness.

She also knows what happens when you nurture the flame, fan it. It becomes a light, a guidepost leading others the House of Brujita. 

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