Vegan Crema
Vegan Crema

Vegan Crema

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Vegan Crema is a Brujita Favorite! Very popular among Oily Skin/Combo skin types because its super lightweight and absorbs into a silky, matte finish. This moisturizer is amazing for all skin types as well since it has amazing benefits for Dry and Sensitive skin! Made with Bulgarian Rose Wax, Cocoa Butter and Coconut oil for hydrating, brightening and antioxidant properties. Beneficial for those who experience redness, dry and itchy skin since its super hydrating. Essential for those who are Acne prone. Vegan Crema nurtures, heals acne for faster healing recovery and prevents scarring. It will also help diminish existing acne scars with consistent use. This product is 100% Organic and Vegan! 

Apply everyday! It's essential!

2 oz jar will last 2 months. Please discard after 3rd month. This product is completely free of preservatives and chemicals! 

Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Butter, Bulgarian Rose Wax, Coconut oil, Rose Hydrosol, Grapeseed Oil.

Please store in a cool, dry area. No direct sunlight and heat. Vegan Crema is a great travel buddy BUT please don't leave it behind in cars or hot, inclosed areas. 

Vegan Crema is jarred in brown glass to preserve its ingredients nutrients. You are encouraged to reuse the glass when product is finished.  


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