The Full Treatment

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Full treatment mode!

The Full Treatment is our newest skincare bundle and a complete skincare routine. Savings of $27! Choose from Brujitas Essential Products! We've added our popular specialty products to ensure the results you're looking for. This is the perfect opportunity for those who have been wanting to go the extra mile in their routine. 


$27 in savings!

The Full Treatment Includes:

1 Cleanser

1 Crema of choice

1  Hydrosol

1 Hechizo Facial Serum

Includes Facial Cloth + Applicator Bundle

Looking for Amber Hydrosol? AMBER HYDROSOL HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. It will be replaced with Sandalwood Hydrosol on August 18th.

This is a daily skincare routine. Use everyday! 

Use Day and Nighttime. 

Use in this order:

1. Cleanser - Scoop pea size amount with applicator (sold separately) and apply to hands. Wet hands slightly and cleanse face with light pressure while using circular motions. Wash off completely.

2. Hydrosol - Spray liberally all over face and neck area. Press the pure plant water into your skin. 

3. Hechizo Facial Serum - Apply amount according to skin type listed below onto face and massage in firm, circular motions until absorbed. Using firm massaging creates circulation and decreases inflammation. Great tip for de-puffing eye area! 

Normal: 4 drops or less 

Oily: 4 drops or less

Dry/Dehydrated/Mature: Six drops-full dropper

Acne: 6 drops ( light facial massaging) 

4. Crema (Moisturizer) -  Apply a pea size amount onto face + neck and massage in firm, circular motions until absorbed. Using firm massaging creates circulation and decreases inflammation. Great tip for de-puffing eye area! Please use a nickel size amount for drier/mature skin.

5. Hydrosol - Spray again for that extra touch! 


2 oz jar will last 2-3 months. Please discard after 4th month. These products are completely free of preservatives and chemicals

Please store in a cool, dry area. No direct sunlight and heat. Crema N•8 is a great travel buddy BUT please don't leave it behind in cars or hot, inclosed areas. 

All products are jarred in brown glass to protect its nutrients. You are encouraged to reuse the glass once product is finish. 




Sea Algae Facial Cleanser:


You asked, and we delivered. Sea Algae Cleanser is now a part of a bundle! Our newest cleanser, an aqua, extra creamy facial wash for hydrating and brightening the complexion. Made with Blue Spirulina, an algae known for its high antioxidants and cell turn over properties which decreases inflammation. Also made with Green Spirulina and Clary Sage for an added anti-bacterial/clarifying duo benefits. It deeply hydrates and has a cooling sensation for a daily skin refresher and reveals a smoother complexion. Acne/Cystic skin will notice a fast difference in healing recovery within a couple uses along with helping diminish acne scars. This is a creamy facial cleanser and does not have any grain to it making it perfect for dry and sensitive skin types. 

Santa Limpia Facial Scrub: 


An extra creamy facial cleanser made with Palo Santo and Maca Root. Santa Limpia was created with Palo Santo to cleanse all negativity from the day. Wether you engaged with negative energy or might have felt negative towards yourself. Palo Santo is here to save you. Maca Root is rich in Vitamin C and essential minerals to strengthen the surface immunity of the skin. It’s also pack in Anti-Bacterial properties for those with existing breakouts and cystic acne. Maca will help relieve any inflammation and diminish acne scars. This cleanser is also made with Sea Buckthorn oil and Marshmallow Root for high mineral content. These ingredients are perfect for acne and balancing oil production. Amazing for those with dry skin since it’s so hydrating and extremely brightening.

Purple Reina Facial Scrub: 


Purple Reina is a creamy facial scrub that is gentle enough for daily use. Packed with the highest amount of antioxidants thanks to Maqui Berry. Potent in Vitamin C due to Hibiscus which is essential for the brightest complexion. Made with Maracuya Oil, a superfruit oil for balancing oil production and pro regenerative properties. Aids in nurturing breakouts and lessening the appearance of pigmentation/ acne scars.  Indulge in the essence of Blood Orange. Perfect for most skin types because its so potent with an insane amount antioxidants and anti bacterial properties. Never stripping away the protective oil barrier, but feeding it the best superfoods and fruit oils.


Crema No•8.  

An original recipe created with simple, antioxidant rich and hydrating earth ingredients. Jasmine is the most breathtaking aroma and truly provoking to all senses. Every ingredient in this crema is hydrating, brightening and full of minerals + vitamins to create the most vibrant complexion. Perfect for Normal to Dry skin types including combination skin because it absorbs into a silky finish. This crema nurtures, heals dry skin, dull, lackluster and mature skin. Made with Argan Butter and Mango Butter creating a dewy, firm complexion. These butters build up collagen and elastin for optimal skin health. Formulated with Jasmine and Sandalwood, two oils know for their anti-aging properties. Crema No•8 is suitable for day and night time. Your new, essential facial cream has arrived. This product is vegan. 

Vegan Crema

Vegan Crema is a Cult Favorite. Very popular among Oily Skin/Combo skin types because its super lightweight and absorbs into a silky, matte finish. This moisturizer is amazing for all skin types as well since it has amazing benefits for Dry and Sensitive skin! Made with Bulgarian Rose Wax, Cocoa Butter and Argan Butter for hydrating, brightening and antioxidant properties. Beneficial for those who experience redness, dry and itchy skin since its super hydrating. Essential for those who are Acne prone. Vegan Crema nurtures, heals acne for faster healing recovery and prevents scarring. It will also help diminish existing acne scars with consistent use. This product is vegan.


Rose Geranium Hydrosol:

Hydrosols are the aromatic water remaining after an essential oil is distilled by steam. They contain micro-molecules of essential oils and strengthen the surface immunity of skin. This harmonizing duo of Rose Geranium is beneficial for all skin types including normal skin. From eczema, dehydrated skin and acne prone skin. Epic anti-inflammatory benefits for the start of breakouts. It is very soothing and calming for irritated or damaged skin. Helps to treat sunburns and sunkissed skin for faster recovery. Rose Geranium is paired with White Magic Facial mask. A facial mask designed to treat all skin types for a brighter complexion with mineral rich clays and powders.

Peppermint Hydrosol:

Hydrosols are pure plant waters which contain micro-molecules of essential oils. They have so many antioxidants to strengthen the surface immunity of facial skin. Peppermint is a Brujita Favorite! It instantly cools any inflammation and has powerful anti-bacterial properties. It releases a cooling sensation that must be experienced by all. Very beneficial for those with painful outbreaks and for nurturing breakouts. This hydrosol is paired with Conviction. A facial mask designed to combat breakouts, acne scars with anti-bacterial clays and mineral rich powders.

Chamomile Hydrosol:

One of the oldest traditional herbs used in the world are chamomile flowers. Hydrosols are the aromatic water remaining after an essential oil is distilled by steam. They contain micro-molecules of essential oils and strengthen the surface immunity of skin. Chamomile is a pure plant water with strong anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. This Hydrosol is beneficial for those who want to balance oil production along with nurturing existing breakouts. Chamomile Hydrosol is paired with Brujitas Herbs Facial Mask. A facial mask designed to balance out oil production with anti-septic clays and mineral rich powders. 

Amber Hydrosol:

Amber is the color of your energy! All skin types rejoice! This Hydrosol is so magical its hard to put into words! One of the major elements of Amber Hydrosol are sesquiterpenes which are substances shown to have an effect on the reduction of inflammation thus perfect for those who have acne or have redness. Potent in stimulant properties that encourage oxygenation and improved blood flow. This improves your overall circulation and heals acne quickly! This also has antibacterial properties and hydrating elements. This Hydrosol has many magical elements to it as well. Amber can propel ones manifestations into reality and heighten intellect and wisdom within. 

This product is Vegan.



A facial serum brewed with Superfruit oils for optimal skin health. Formulated for all skin types including oily to balance oil production. Cherry Kernel, Red Raspberry, Maracuya and Prickly Pear are potent in antioxidants and minerals. All oils are high in Vitamin C for brightening properties and diminishing acne scars / pigmentation. Highly regenerative for dry skin. Perfect for those who are experiencing breakouts as the healing recovery is sped up through these nutritious Superfruits. Are you ready for that perfect glow? Optimal skin immunity? Seek and Prosper! These yummy Superfruit oils are a must! Sun protection due to its natural SPF content. All oils are Organic and Unrefined for maximum healing benefits.

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