HOUSE OF BRUJITA: FRIDAY the 13th of December @ 9:00 am PST


Peverell. They were given a first name that was much too simple compared to the surname of Peverell. So now, it’s just Peverell. Peverell. A last name used as a first name. A name older than the dirt between your toes. A weighty legacy, too heavy to carry. Peverell loved working with their hands, creating something out of nothing. They loved making clothing; giving birth to a costume to help hide themselves, constantly wanting to disappear. Once, while making a coat, they were concentrating so hard in disappearing that they hadn’t noticed that their finished product had quite literally...vanished. They felt the cool fabric in their hands but there was nothing there. With shaking fingers, they put on the coat they felt was there, but couldn’t see. Slowly, they made their way to the mirror and saw only their head, hands, feet. 

They were invisible. 

Convinced it was a fluke, they gave it another try. This time a hat was made with the intention of disappearing. It worked. Filled with a new confidence, Peverell grew in their boldness. Knowing they could hide whenever they wanted, they needed the option less so. Straddling the line of visibility and invisibility, for every invisible garment they made, they adorned their body with another piece of visibility until their body was covered and their closet was full. 

By the time Peverell came across Luna Retrograde, they were a master creator. They heard about a woman who could lift a match with her mind and light it without being anywhere near it. They never doubted she existed, instead they held their breath until the moment their paths cross. 

When they finally met at a crowded party, Peverell an audible exhale of relief was heard...even though they were nowhere to be seen. 

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