Brujitas Embrace Candle


An intentional candle for warmth and safety. 

Essences of Peach, Comfort and Spirit Guides.

Aroma: Essence of a hug from a loved one, worn hoodie and freshly washed hair.

Use in ritual for:
  •  Peace of mind with health, life, work, relationships
  •  Supporting grounding and safety within your home
  •  Expressing gratitude towards guardian angels 
  •  Promotes happiness and a sense of satisfaction 

Tarot reading for this candle: King of Pentacles, King of Swords, 6 of Wands.

Woow! The protection and strength is so prominent in this reading. I get a sense of stability and energetic connection with self. Some moves or decisions have been made for the greater satisfaction around the home. Having fun and being creative with yourself/loved one is encouraged. Also, boundaries don't always have to be too strict. Ease up and be soft. You deserve it, you've done some work!

Every candle comes with a mirrored jewel, focus your intention on the amulet and exhale.

Candles are approx 8 oz and have a 30 hour burn time. Made from natural soy wax and 100% phthalate free fragrance oils. Mirrored jewel is fireproof in candle. 

*Never leave a candle unattended while lit. 

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