Duality Candle

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An intentional candle for enhancing self love and strengthening unions. 

Choose your mood, Burning Love or Me Myself & I. 

Aroma: Cherry Bomb, Leather & Hickory Suede.

Use Burning Love ritual for: 

• Bonding union/s
• Sex magic
• Reviving romance

Use Me Myself & I ritual for:

• New Beginnings 
• Bonding and attaching to self
• Releasing self imposed expectations 

Every candle comes with a topaz jewel, focus your intention on the amulet and exhale while lighting the wick. 

*This is one candle with a double sided label

Candle is approximately 8 oz and has a 30 hour burn time. Made from natural soy wax and 100% phthalate free fragrance oils. Topaz jewel is fireproof in candle. 

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