Inner Child Ritual Candle


An intentional candle for enhancing your Inner child ritual and honoring them. 

Essences of Strawberry, Guava and Earth

Aroma: Sweetness, musk and grounding. 

Use in ritual for: 

  • Honoring your inner child. Being present with yourself. 
  • Aligning future goals and aspirations. Staying grounded. 
  • Empathy and emotional depth towards the past. 
  • Evoking nostalgia, remembering inspirational memories.

Tarot reading for this candle: Message from Brujita Leah. 

Six of Cups + The Hermit 

Wow! I believe this is a perfect pairing for this candle. Especially because of the potential for so much inner growth and peace. Six of cups reminds us to remember the sweet times of childhood. Enjoy the moments of being innocent, young and free thinking. Set judgement aside and relish in the memory of having fun. The Hermit guides us into our inner being. Finding the peace within and seeking empathy towards the past. Reflection can help with closure. Let the light inside yourself be your guide. 


Every candle comes with a rainbow jewel, focus your intention on the amulet and exhale. 

Candles are 8 oz. Made from natural soy wax and 100% phthalate free fragrance oils. Rainbow jewel is fireproof in candle.  

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