Episode 4: Charged!

First look at *new* Brujita products, an SPF Guide, In My Room Collection and a tarot reading.

Intro Song by: @closedtear Bandcamp

Brujita Products mentioned:

Crema n•8

• Amber Hydrosol

SPF's mentioned:

• Andalou Naturals (https://andalou.com/)

• JASON Facial Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 20 (https://www.jason-personalcare.com/en...)

• Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30 (https://www.suntegrityskincare.com/su...)

• Badger Sunscreen Cream, Unscented, SPF 30 (https://www.badgerbalm.com/default.aspx)

• Burts Bees Baby Sunscreen SPF 30

• Skin Nourishment Day Lotion W/Spf15


Iris Oracle Deck (https://www.spirit-speak.com/product-...)


@riseupgoodwitch (tarot school) (https://www.riseupgoodwitch.com/witch...)

@hotsundae (https://shophotsundae.com/)

@ethereal.1 (collaboration)

Call the HOTLINE: 714-576-4482

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