5 steps we're taking to reduce our use of plastic & paper.

Being environmentally friendly is one of our top priorities at Brujita Skincare. We are always looking for ways to reduce our use of plastics, paper and to overall reduce our carbon footprint as a business. We recently made a big decision to break up with the little plastic applicators you used to receive with your cleansers & jelly masks. On average we we're sending out over 9k plastic applicators a year. Thats a lot of plastic! We're very excited to introduce our new Rosewood Applicators. While these applicators will be sold separately, rest assured that you'll only need to purchase it once. These solid rosewood applicators only get better with use. Our oil based cleansers will provide a nice finish to your applicators with every use.

Here are 5 ways we're reducing our use of plastic & paper.

1. Bye, bye plastic applicators. Hello Rosewood.

We've officially made the switch! We're saving over 9,000 pieces of plastic by switching to wooden applicators. That's one step closer to being plastic free.

Brujita reusable wooden applicators are here. Paired with a 100% organic cotton facial cloth. The ultimate duo for the best face washing experience. This applicator is great to use for cleanser and jelly mask application! Made from solid rosewood, these applicators only get better with every use.

Facial cloths are perfect for drying your face after cleansing. Made from organic cotton. We recommend hand washing and air drying your facial cloth. Machine wash is okay, just no machine dry! Machine dry will shrink the cloth.

Applicators will be available on Friday November 13th at 8:00 am pst.

2. No more lotion pumps.

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. One of the products we have had really big trouble sourcing all year are plastic pumps for our lotion bottles. So we decided that our lotions will no longer come with lotion pumps. Our lotions are easy to pour out making them super easy to apply! This also allows us to save over 5,000 pieces of plastic. Again, one step closer to being plastic free.

 3. Jarred in glass bottles and jars.

All Brujita products are always jarred in glass bottles and jars. With the exception of our lip balms. This is something we will never ever change, you can always count on us using glass for Brujita products. We also love to see all the ways that the cult reuses their bottles and jars!

4. Bigger Lip Balm Tubes.

Yup. Even though our lip balms come in plastic containers, we recently made the decision to make them in 1/2 oz big balms. Thats 3x bigger than your average lip balm tube. That means you don't have to re-up on lip balms as often. 

5. Paper towel free workspace.

It takes massive amounts of water, energy and other resources to make paper towelsAt Brujita Skincare we are a paper towel free workspace. We recently switched over to using reusable & washable cloths to wipe down our surfaces. We're lucky enough to have a washing machine in our HQ so this makes it super easy to make sure we have clean cloths daily.

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