6 skin tips for mask wearers.

"Help! I'm breaking out around my mouth and chin area from wearing a mask!"

This is a new question we have been getting a lot. In fact, we received a call about it a few weeks ago through our skin hotline (714-576-4482). Brujita Leah went over some helpful tips on episode 1 of The Full Treatment Podcast (watch it here). And we thought it could be helpful to share them here for those who might not be familiar with our podcast.

6 skin tips for mask wearers.

#1. Cleanse with Hydrosols.

This is important, especially if you are an all day mask wearer. Carry your Hydrosols with you. We highly recommend the Chamomile and Peppermint Hydrosols. If you are acne prone, use the Peppermint Hydrosol as it has many anti-inflammatory + anti-bacterial properties. Simply drench a cotton round with your hydrosol of choice and pat off any excess oils. Do this throughout the day.

#2. Cleanse after eating.

Again, if you are an all day mask wearer you are going to want to cleanse after your meal before putting your mask back on. You dont want food particles brewing inside of your mask as they can crust up and get stuck. Use the Hydrosol method above, its simple and can be done anywhere at any time.

#3. Hand wash your masks.

Detergents especially ones with fragrance can be very irritating to the skin, especially your face. Use distilled water mixed with an essential oil like Lemon, Oregano or Tea Tree to wash your masks. Add Apple Cider Vinegar if you want to go the extra mile and even a small amount of alcohol for peace of mind. We also recommend our Hand Smudge Spray as that has all three essential oils mentioned plus Palo Santo and Frankincense. 

#4. Have multiple masks on hand.

Don't just rely on one mask. Have a few mask that you can use throughout the week. Maybe change it twice a day if you are an all day mask wearer.

#5. Cotton or canvas masks.

If you can, try to use cotton masks or canvas masks. Cotton and canvas do not absorb as much of the moisture from your skin like other materials do. We highly recommend masks from our friend Megan over at Hot Sundae. We're big fans of her Organic Cotton Tie Dye Masks. 

#6. Have a daily night routine!

We can't stress this enough. If you don't have a nightly skin routine, get on it. CLEANSE, HYDRATE, MOISTURIZE. You want to reset your skin from the day, wash the day off. We highly recommend using Santa Limpia Facial Scrub or the Sea Algae Facial Cleanser. Santa Limpia is made with Palo Santo and Maca which is potent in Vitamin C, potent in antioxidants and mineral rich to help rebuild the skins surface immunity. Sea Algae is made with blue and green spirulina which are both anti-bacterial. We also recommend our The Full Treatment or Essential Kit. Both of those are bundles that include a cleanser of choice, a Hydrosol of choice and an Hechizo Facial Serum. The Full Treatment goes the extra mile and also includes a moisturizer of choice. It is a simple 3-4 step daily routine that will keep your skin glowing and healthy.


You can listen and watch Brujita Leah go over these tips in more detail on Episode 1 of The Full Treatment Podcast.

Did we miss something? Call our skin hotline! Its open 24/7. Leave us a voicemail with your skin question at 714-576-4482.





These tips will not protect you from getting COVID-19, we are not making any claims that our product prevents spread or infection. For more info on COVID-19 visit the CDC website https://www.cdc.gov/

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