Brujita gets Illustrated!

#brujitacult you never cease to amaze us. You inspire us and make us work harder everyday. You are a talented group and we love it when you share your gifts and talents with us! Today we wanted to take some time to share some really amazing illustrations a #brujitacult member gifted us. Jessica Cuautle (@crimsonmind) is an L.A. based artist. She recently purchased our newest In My Room Collection  and was inspired to illustrate every product!!! Take some time to follow her and check out her work. You will definitely be seeing more of her art around here. We've got some ideas brewing ;)

This Saturday is the last time we will be restocking the In My Room Collection as it is a seasonal collection! Saturday May 30th @ 8:00 am pst! Don't be sad though, Summer and REDRUM are just around the corner. Love y'all!

Return of Saturn Facial Cleaner

Illustrated by (@crimsonmind)

A creamy, grain-free facial cleanser for all skin types! Formulated with Cherry Kernel Seed Oil and Pineapple Extract. This delicious cleanser hydrates and brightens the complexion instantly! All skin types rejoice!

Candy Ass Facial Serum

Illustrated by (@crimsonmind)

A super hydrating yet fast absorbing facial serum formulated with Watermelon Seed Oil, Strawberry Seed Oil and Cherry Kernel Seed OIl. All skin types rejoice!

Amber Hydrosol

Illustrated by (@crimsonmind)

This hydrosol has many magical elements to it as well. Amber can propel ones manifestations into reality and heighten intellect and wisdom within. 

Final In My Room Restock: Saturday May 30th @ 8:00 am pst!

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