Rituals: Feat. Diego

This week on The Treatment we're really excited to be sharing Diegos daily ritual. Diego is actually Yomahras cousin! He and his wife started using Brujita a little under a year ago and have been loving it. Thank you for sharing your daily rituals with us Diego!



Highland, Ca.

What do you do?
Work at a distribution plant that makes boxes so there is a lot of dust in the air.

What is your skincare ritual?
My skin care ritual starts in the morning with Santa Limpia, moisturize with Vegan Crema. My night routine would be after getting home from work getting a workout before shower and using Santa Limpia and I’ll switch the moisturizer to Hechizo serum.

Favorite Brujita product (choose one!)
Vegan Crema

Favorite product aside from Brujita?
Brujita is the only product I use.

Ritual advice?
Would have to be staying consistent.

Daily quirk?Something you absolutely have to do everyday!
Staying active to get some gains. Lol something that is very important to me, making sure to be an example to my little Sophia and getting some quality time with her before I go to work. Wether it’s cooking a meal with her showing her to be a healthy eater or dancing in the room while we get ready for work.

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