Rituals: Feat. imachynna

Virgo Sun. Pisces Moon. Virgo Rising.

What is your skincare ritual?

2. Amber Hydrosol, and I alternate between
3. Hechizo and Vegan Crema depending on my skin dryness.
Finish off with 4. Palo Santo Lotion and the new
5. Strawberry Balm on my lips.

Your favorite Brujita product?

Right now it's the Amber Hydrosol.... it really makes me feel divine.


Favorite product(s) aside from Brujita?

Although I've replaced most of my products with Brujita, I'm still a fan of the Glossier Solution (chemical exfoliator.) Also Terra-tory soaps are amazing.

Ritual advice?

My advice is to listen to your skin each day to see what it needs. Skin routines and showers are my favorite part of any day because I get to slow down and honor my body, which doesn't happen very often. Also- drink water! My advice-giving-virgo-ass definitely needs to hear that one.

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