Rosewood Applicator & Facial Cloth


We've officially made the switch! We're saving over 9,000 pieces of plastic by switching to wooden applicators. That's one step closer to being plastic free.

Brujita reusable wooden applicators are here. Paired with a 100% organic cotton facial cloth. The ultimate duo for the best face washing experience. This applicator is great to use for cleanser and jelly mask application! Made from solid rosewood, these applicators only get better with every use.

Facial cloths are perfect for drying your face after cleansing. Made from organic cotton. We recommend hand washing and air drying your facial cloth. Machine wash is okay, just no machine dry! Machine dry will shrink the cloth.

You are encouraged to use a "patting" motion as shown in the video above. Aggressive wiping can cause redness and inflammation to the complexion. This is not an exfoliating cloth for the face but can be used on the body to remove dead skin. 

This pair includes 1 wooden applicator and 1 facial cloth.


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