Purple Reina Facial Scrub

Purple Reina Facial Scrub

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As Seen On Teen Vogue!

Purple Reina is a creamy facial scrub that is gentle enough for daily use. Packed with the highest amount of antioxidants thanks to Maqui Berry. Potent in Vitamin C due to Hibiscus which is essential for the brightest complexion. Made with Maracuya Oil, a superfruit oil for balancing oil production and pro regenerative properties. Aids in nurturing breakouts and lessening the appearance of pigmentation/ acne scars.  Indulge in the essence of Blood Orange. Perfect for all skin types because its so potent with an insane amount antioxidants and anti bacterial properties. Never stripping away the protective oil barrier, but feeding it the best superfoods and fruit oils.Your skin is going to love this! Made with Organic and Natural ingredients! This product is Vegan! 

This is an exfoliating product. Please use wet hands and light pressure while using circular motions around face. Wash off completely. Apply Crema/Vegan Crema.  

Always use applicator (provided) to scoop out scrub to prevent contamination. If daily use is not your preference, use only 1-2 a week to shed dead skin and brighten complexion. 

2 oz

Ingredients: Foaming Bath Butter (Shea Butter,Avocado Oil, Stearic Acid,Soap Bark) Maqui Berry, Hibiscus, Marshmallow Root, Maracuya Oil, Lavender Hydrosol, Blood Orange Essential Oil. 



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