Brujita Brow Application: Using the included brow wand, pick up Brujita Brow from the tin. Apply the Brujita Brow wand directly onto brow hairs in short, upward strokes to fluff and shape brows into place.

Color Smudge Application: Intended for use on cheeks as blush, lips as a tint, and eyes as an eyeshadow. Using your finger, pick up color smudge from the pot, gently tap on desired area. The more you apply, the darker the intensity of the color becomes.

Eye Sculptor application video:

Hechizo Application: Apply amount according to skin type listed below onto face and massage in firm, circular motions until absorbed. Using firm massaging creates circulation and decreases inflammation. 

Normal: 4 drops or less 

Oily: 4 drops or less

Dry/Dehydrated: Six drops-full dropper

Acne: 6 drops ( light facial massaging)