Brujitas Tale


Brujita Skincare is the brainchild of me! My name is Leah Guerrero and I have been lucky in life to say that I've been in holistic skincare for 10 years. Brujita was inspired by my holistic facials and trips to Mexico. Throughout my travels, I carried my handmade products wherever I went. People would always comment that they could smell me and they started calling me "brujita" which means "little witch" in spanish. Spells were being cast;) Walking through Mexicos mercados gave me life and I was so in tranced with the frequency of the vibe of each one. I became obsessed with clays and earth powders because of their magic and strong ability to heal skin! Especially those that came from all over Mexico. I've traveled most of Mexico and always sourced these ingredients from each cities mercados. I believe in these powders and all the magic they carry. My clients were the first to try Brujita when it was in development. All were raving and I now sell at mercados in Los Angeles. Follow my journey! It's always personal and full of magic!  

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