"Going to bed with...Leah Guerrero"
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Bust Magazine Sept/Oct 2019
"Every little thing she does is magic"
Cult Classic Magazine Issue 03

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brands to Shop

“Products in this skin-care line are witchy and wonderful; they’re made with “mineral-rich Earth clays and powders” sourced directly from Mexico.” - Teen Vogue


Five Products to Add to Your Wellness Routine

“The ingredients they use help with grounding, calming and realigning your skin to be its best. Nothing harsh, just natural and magical. Enhancing your own magic with theirs.” - E. Ortiz

(@ethereal.1) for Dazed Beauty 

Beauty Rituals

“I love this natural cleanser she just made called Santa Limpia Facial Scrub. The ingredients help to cleanse all the negativity from the day, but it’s also antibacterial and has vitamin C in it.” - Bri Luna

(@thehoodwitch) for Glamour

Going to Bed With..

“Once a week I’ll exfoliate my face, either with a peel/chemical exfoliator or with a natural one such as the ones carried by Brujita Skincare.”

- E. Ortiz (@ethereal.1) for bon appétit