10 natural ingredients you can find in Brujita products.

Holistic Skincare. All of our ingredients are sustainable, raw, organic, and unrefined. Here is a list of 10 ingredients you can find in Brujita products.

1: Rose

Rose is a potent anti-inflammatory for nurturing acne. Rose promotes faster healing recovery. Antioxidant rich, hydrating and brightening!

You can find Rose in Vegan Crema, Eternal Balm, and Rose Geranium Hydrosol.

2: Maca Root

Maca Root is rich in Vitamin C and essential minerals that help strengthen the surface immunity of the skin. It’s also packed in anti-bacterial properties. Maca will help relieve any inflammation and diminish acne scars.
Maca Root is found in Santa Limpia Facial Cleanser.

3: Cacao

Yummy. Used in Conviction Facial Mask. A mask formulated to combat cystic acne, redness and inflammation.

 4: Maracuya (Passion Fruit)

A super fruit potent in antioxidants and minerals. High in Vitamin C for brightening properties and diminishing acne scars / pigmentation. Also balances out oil production. 

Used in Hechizo Facial Serum and Purple Reina Facial Scrub.


5: Palo Santo

Cleanse all negativity from the day. Wether you engaged with negative energy or might have felt negative towards yourself. Awaken your energy and inhale deep with clearing intention.

Sustainably sourced: The Palo Santo Oil we source is 80% Palo Santo Oil 20% Argan Oil dilute. Oil is sourced from Ecuador and is pressed from the Palo Santo tree fruit. The bark of the tree is not harmed in any way.

Palo Santo can be found in Full Body Lotion, Santa Limpia Facial Scrub, Pa' Todo Bien Lip Balm and our Hand Smudge Spray.


6: Mezcal 

Elixir of the gods. Distilled alcohol made from Agave. Found in Pa' Todo Mal Lip Balm which was inspired by Brujitas love and passion for Mezcal. "Pa' todo mal, mezcal, pa' todo bien, tambien."

You can view a tour of a Mezcal farm we took during a trip we took to Oaxaca in 2019!

Oaxaca Mini Documentary from Yomahra Aquino on Vimeo.

7: Blue Spirulina

Blue Spirulina is an algae known for its high antioxidants and cell turn over properties which decreases inflammation. Can be found in our wildly popular Sea Algae Cleanser.

8: Mint

Mint leaves can be found in Brujitas Herbs Facial Mask. A facial mask formulated to balance out oil production while deeply detoxing pores for a brighter complexion. Best for those with oily skin. 

Also found in Peppermint Hydrosol. Instantly cools any inflammation and has powerful anti-bacterial properties. Very beneficial for those with painful outbreaks and for nurturing breakouts.

Peppermint can also be found in our Hand Smudge Spray.

9: Jasmine

The most breathtaking aroma. Jasmine oil is known for its anti-aging properties. Jasmine can be found in Crema N•8 and Full Body Lotion

10: Chamomile

One of the oldest traditional herbs used in the world is chamomile flowers. Strong anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. You can find Chamomile used in Crema N•8, Chamomile Hydrosol Pure Plant Water and in our Brujitas Herbs Facial Mask Set.

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