Rituals: Feat. Al

Today on The Treatment: Rituals Featuring Al from Austin, Tx. 



Sun, Moon & Rising?
Sun In Libra, moon in Scorpio, rising in Sagittarius.

Austin, TX.

What do you do?

I am a psychic medium, medicine worker, intuitive card reader and I have a YouTube channel.

What is your skincare ritual?

I wash my face with Santa Limpia every morning during the time I use to lather it on my face I begin my morning breathing exercise(square breathing). Once I wash off Santa Limpia, I will spritz my face with Chamomile + Rose Geranium Hydrosol, then I use four drops of the Hechizo massaging it in then lightly patting my face and under my eyes so it really gets in there. Then I dance out any left over energy I have from sleeping.

Favorite Brujita product (choose one!)

Damn this is hard, I’m gonna have to go with Chamomile Hydrosol, I have combination skin so finding toners or hydrosol that actually help even out my complexion leaves my skin not too dry or too hydrated has always been difficult. But after using the chamomile hydrosol for a moon cycle I noticed it completely changed my skin. Sometimes I will combine a bit with the rose hydrosol and use that For my bi weekly clay mask Days.

Favorite product aside from Brujita?
Creation by Florea “ritual heart oil, and sundazedlotus hibiscus mother essence! Also if I have to be basic but hippie chick from lush is nice too.

Ritual advice?

It’s not always about the materials you have, or rhyming your words where it sounds like a cool spell. It’s all about your intention, when you have your intention in alignment anything you do can become a ritual.

Daily quirk? Something you absolutely have to do everyday.
I always gotta acknowledge the lands I’m on or do a daily card reading. :)

You can follow Al on Instagram @2ways_2spirits

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