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Just 4 years ago, Brujita started with just 5 products. 4 of which are still available to this day. The Brujita collection now consist of over 30 products! Yes, 30! We wanted to take a moment to highlight these products, how they can be used and showcase just how versatile they all are. See what products are great for feet, hands, face, lips, full body care, for the home, for the bath, on the go, for babies and for pregnancy!

For the feet, elbows, eczema and extra dry areas.

Eternal Balm! This is one of the 5 products that Brujita first opened with. Eternal balm is a staple! Made with beeswax to completely seal in moisture and rose, rosemary, patchouli essence to cast spells wherever you go. Beneficial for face, hands, feet and any other dry areas on the body. You can notice the healing of dry skin within a few uses. Eternal Balm is a Cult Favorite and a MUST HAVE with any Eczema client.

Strawbaby balm is our newest healing balm. Made especially for babies and sensitive skin areas like their bums and heads. Babies are known for shedding, eczema and other dry skin ailments. Keep these conditions at bay with daily application of Strawbaby Balm. This is a super multipurpose balm that can be used on the lips, face, any dry area, eczema, and healing tattoos. Made with luscious Strawberry Oil, Cacao Seed Oil and Coffee Bean Oil. These oils are potent in antioxidants and minerals to protect the skin from chapping/drying. Beeswax naturally seals in moisture and creates a protective barrier for an ultra hydrating experience.



Let's face it, with all of the hand sanitizer we have had to use lately, our hands have definitely been in need of a little more care and attention. This is why Brujita created Hand Smudge Spray and Hand Smudge Lotion, both of these products we're created with hands in mind. Hand Smudge Spray is a multipurpose smudge spray that can be used as a hand spray, aura spray, room spray and even a mask spray. Made with anti-bacterial Peppermint Hydrosol and an array of anti-viral essential oils. This essence is a energy clearing cluster of Palo Santo, Pink Pepper, Frankincense,Tea Tree, Oregano and Lemon. Hand Smudge Lotion is a beautiful combination of Palo Santo and Cherry. This is a spray on lotion, making it super easy to carry everywhere when your hands need a little moisturizing. 

Lip Care

Lip Balms are essential. Keep your pout hydrated and healthy at all costs. Our Lip Balms aren't like your average lip balm. Ours are 3x larger than most lip balms. They come in a 1/2 oz. BIG BALM tube and are made with ingredients like Palo Santo, Mezcal, Orange and Clove. 

Body Care

Our facial products are also great to use on the body. Do you struggle with back acne? Shoulder acne? Conviction Facial Mask, Hechizo and Santa Limpia are just as good on the body as they are on the face. Our newest 4 oz Hechizo makes a great body oil for when you wan't to treat your skin to a little something extra. And of course our famous Palo Santo + Jasmine Full Body Lotion gives you the ultimate hydration from head to toe. 

For the bath

Hydrosols! Have you ever poured Amber Hydrosol in your bath?! It's the ultimate treat. Amber specifically has magical elements. Amber is known to propel ones manifestations into reality! Just imagine taking a bath during the next new moon, writing down your manifestations and bathing in Amber. Oooof! Peppermint, Chamomile and Rose Geranium can also be used in the bath for an extra pick me up!

For pregnant people, breastfeeding & babies.

We get asked this question so much! If you are breastfeeding and need to care for your nipple area we highly recommend Strawbaby Balm. This balm was created specifically for babies! This is safe to use while breastfeeding and is safe to use on your babies head, bum, and baby eczema. Strawbaby Balm is made with all natural ingredients Strawberry Oil, Cacao Seed Oil and Coffee Bean Oil are potent in antioxidants and minerals to protect the skin from chapping/drying. 

See why the cult loves it:

"Who doesn't love strawberry?! I got this for my little one who I just had this past May. He kept getting small dry patches that the regular baby lotion didn't seem to hydrate but this stick is definitely doing the job!! His soft baby skin is back and he smells yummy too!! 😍 Everyone definitely needs this stick in their lives!!"

For the home

Our Smudge Spray! The essence is an energy clearing cluster of Palo Santo, Pink Pepper, Frankincense,Tea Tree, Oregano and Lemon. We personally love to spray it around our home daily to get any stagnant energy out. Spray on sofas, bedding and any area of your home, office or bedroom.


On the go 

Hydrosols, lip balms, Eternal Balm, Smudge Spray and Hand Smudge Lotion are all great refreshers throughout the day. Hydrosols instantly refresh and hydrate, Eternal Balm is an all purpose balm for any dry areas. Lip Balms are a must! And our Smudge Spray and Hand Smudge Lotion are greta to keep in your car for refreshers. 

For kids & teens

We love seeing and hearing about cult members sharing a face mask with their little one, or how Santa Limpia and Conviction has helped their teens acne. Brujita products are made with all natural, unrefined ingredients. They are safe to use for all ages. If your teen wants to begin a simple routine start them off with a simple two step routine using Santa Limpia or Sea Algae Cleansers along with Hechizo Facial Serum. 

For the face.

Of course. Brujita is a skincare line with an emphasis on Skincare for the face. We have a wide range of facial cleansers, facial masks, moisturizers and hydrosols to treat your specific skincare needs. You can shop by skin type on our website or take our super simple skincare quiz to see which products are best for YOUR skincare needs.

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