Camellias Sangria.

We got together with Camellia Saleh and made some Sangria to pair with our Dark Vibes Color Smudge. Dark Vibes color smudge has a sweet port wine appearance and smells of blackberries and oranges so what better pairing than a refreshing Sangria!

Camellia is styled by Joshua Castillo and is wearing Dark Vibes Color Smudge on her eyes, lips and cheeks. Black liquid eye liner and Clear Brujita Brow to shape her gorgeous brows. Photographed by Yomahra Gonzalez.

We free styled this recipe and were pleasantly surprised by the nice flavor of the Sangria! Feel free to follow along or add/remove ingredients as you please.


1 Bottle of red wine of your choice (we used a pinot noir), 1 Orange, 1 Apple, 1 Green Pear, 1 Peach, 2-3 Cinnamon Sticks.


Knife, cutting board, large mixing bowl, ladle or any mixing spoon, glasses to serve, ice and a wine decanter.

How to make it:

Begin by peeling the orange. Chop up the apple, pear, peach and orange into small cubes. Pop open your bottle of red wine, pour into your large mixing bowl along with your chopped up fruits. Mix well, pour into a wine decanter and add 2-3 cinnamon sticks (we love cinnamon so we added 3). Let it rest for 30 minutes to absorb the nice flavors. Enjoy it over ice or at room temperature in a nice glass.

Pairs well with Dark Vibes Color Smudge

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