Rituals: Feat. Paloma

This week on Rituals we are featuring: Paloma, a Veterinary Technician from Chicago whose cat and dog are a crucial part of their daily ritual. Thanks for sharing your daily ritual with us Paloma!




What do you do?
Veterinary Technician

What is your skincare ritual?
I always make sure to clean my hands first, and under my fingernails too! My job is very fun but also gross and I try to be mindful to not touch my face without washing my hands between patients and when first getting home. I start my day by cleansing my face with Santa Limpia while my coffee brews and music plays. The scent always leaves me feeling calm and also connected to my relatives / ancestors in Mexico. I then follow it with the Palo Santo + Jasmine lotion. I love how lightweight it is, and how quickly it is absorbed - not to mention how incredible it smells. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and nourished, and the Palo Santo makes me feel protected. I always receive compliments on it, and I feel that the scent helps me maintain balance when dealing with difficult clients. I have a separate small container of it that lives in my car for quick reapplication throughout the day. When I come home I use the same two products, but add Hechizo in between them. The serum is very hydrating, but takes a long time to absorb which makes it hard to use in the mornings when I'm flying out the door. It's a relaxing addition to my routine when using it to massage my face at night. I love having the peace of mind that Brujita products do not contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives, making their products feel so raw and honest. It has also been such a good way for me to remember my Latinx roots and stay connected to this part of me. Being a first generation US citizen with very little family here can be hard, but the ingredient in these products makes me feel a little closer to the motherland.

Favorite Brujita product (choose one!)
Palo Santo + Jasmine lotion. I seriously cannot get enough of the way this feels and smells !! I love reapplying it throughout the day.

Favorite product aside from Brujita?
I'm not using anything else at the moment on my skin. I want to be loyal to Brujita and see what kind of progress my skin makes by using these products exclusively !! -- I apply Moroccan Oil to my hair every day while it is damp and have definitely seen an improvement in how healthy and strong it is. It has also helped it grow faster. It also smells earthy and pure.

Ritual advice?
Do everything with good intention, and take your time. Most of us have fast paced lives that contain a multitude of responsibilities, both professionally and personally. It is important to make time and space for your own wellbeing. You can't take good care of others until you can take good care of yourself first.

Daily quirk?Something you absolutely have to do everyday!
Every morning my dog and cat are curled up next to me, and I take a few minutes to lay there and hold them, and I hug them again when I come home. I often asked them how their day went while I was at work. Sometimes I take them with me. They are very much a crucial part of my daily rituals. Your pets are not just there - they need time and affection just like the rest of us. They always remind me to take time to be present and spend quality time. Also, all three of us take fish oil every day before bed. One capsule for each of us to keep our hair soft and shiny.

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