Rituals: Feat. Hugo Sage Orozco

This week on Rituals we are featuring: Hugo Sage Orozco. We're crushing hard over here with their combination of skincare + tinctures <3 Thanks for sharing your daily ritual with us Hugo!

Hugo Sage Orozco


Portland, OR

What do you do?
I work at a vintage shop for my day job. In my spare time I write music on guitar, study astrology & read tarot cards for myself and friends.

What is your skincare ritual?
In the morning, I cleanse with Santa Limpia either in the shower or by the sink. Then I lightly pat my face and neck dry with a clean towel & follow with the rose geranium hydrosol. I finish by applying a lightweight SPF moisturizer. At night right before bed, I do the exact same thing but for my moisturizer I use vegan crema. I love it, it is incredibly nourishing. Once or twice a week I apply a face mask at night. I’m currently using the white magic clay mask. I mix in the rose hydrosol to create a paste, and apply it for 10-15 mins while I’m taking a bubble bath. I’ll have glass of red wine or some tea, light candles, put on music... such a relaxing way to end the day and take that time to care for myself. After the bath, I dry off & apply pure coconut oil to my body & vegan crema to my face.

Favorite Brujita product (choose one!)
Santa Limpia! It’s not just my favorite Brujita product but my favorite in general. It is incredibly creamy and the scent is so grounding. I have sensitive / reactive skin, so finding a cleanser to use on the daily that benefits my skin but doesn’t leave it feeling tight or red is difficult for me. My skin responds so well to this and I look forward to using it every day!

Favorite product aside from Brujita?
Super-light wrinkle defense by Paula’s Choice that I use as my daytime moisturizer. It has a SPF of 30, and I love how velvety the texture is. Since I don’t wear makeup often, this is great for evening out my skin tone because it’s lightly tinted.

Ritual advice?
Follow your intuition. A ritual is most helpful if it truly feels good and works for you. Take your time & touch your skin tenderly. Envision cleansing any negativity from the day, and focus on all the healing benefits you are providing for your skin. Trust that it’s working.

Daily quirk?Something you absolutely have to do everyday!
I have a few! I take ashwagandha tincture to help stabilize my nervous system. I also try to do a quick grounding ritual before I leave the house & put on chakra sound healing meditations to listen to while I sleep. My angsty teenage self would have rolled her eyes SO HARD at this haha, but these are all things that really help protect my energy as an empath. I have noticed a significant positive shift in my mental health & mood since I started implementing these daily rituals, along with skincare.

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