Rituals: Feat. Shannon Terry

This week on Rituals we are featuring: Shannon Terry. Shannon has been a #brujitacult member since 2018! We always recognize her name when we are fulfilling orders. We're really excited to be sharing her Rituals with you today. Thank you Shannon!

Shannon Terry


Tulsa, OK

What do you do?
Masters of Social Work student

What is your skincare ritual?
Morning: Santa Limpia, any hydrosol, Brujitas garden serum, mario badescu cucumber moisturizer with spf Evening: Sea algae facial cleanser, any hydrosol, redrum or hechizo, crema no. 8, hydrosol again Once or twice a week: conviction, brujitas herbs, chocolate mushroom, or Filthy Cosmetic’s watermelon creme.

Favorite Brujita product (choose one!)
CREMA NO. 8!!!!! So glad it’s permanent!

Favorite product aside from Brujita?
Mario Badescu

Ritual advice?
Enjoy every step, imagine washing away spiritual muck when cleansing, go slowly, use a washcloth that is designated for your face. I love keeping my products organized and conveniently placed.

Daily quirk?Something you absolutely have to do everyday!
Drink coffee! It’s definitely a huge ritual for me every morning. I also have Brujita lip balms and Eternal Balm on my nightstand so I can moisturize my hands and lips before bed.

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