Rituals: Feat. Iris Salazar

Welcome to The Treatment! Every week I'll be opening fun, in depth discussions about skincare products and sharing my friends skincare rituals + secrets. This week is Iris! Iris and I met at an art festival that I was vending at. She was one of my first customers and now she is a part of the Brujita Team for the past year. From bottling hydrosols to making facial masks, she has been a big blessing to not only myself but the growth of Brujita! 



South Central Los Angeles

What do you do?
Doggy Professional 
What is your skincare ritual?
I make it a point to wash my hands before washing my face. I have pets and I touch them without thinking. It’s hard not to, when they often follow me to the bathroom. Clean hands to clean your face. It sounds so simple but i used to forget this step. A lot. Even when using my Conviction, Santa Limpia is what I reach for first. It’s scent helps ground me in the morning especially. My skincare meditation with Brujita is a big part of my self care. Even on my lowest days —when I don’t brush my hair and hide it under a cap, Or don’t make my bed—washing my face gives me time to meditate on being gentle and nurturing to myself even if it’s for literally two minutes. This is a big help when things feel out of control for me. Looking in the mirror as i massage my face with Earth allies at my fingertips makes it a magical space where I can show up for myself. Knowing I’m supported by the intention already in the product, it’s become a comfort to reach for it when it’s time to cleanse. TLDR; Wash hands baybee, Santa Limpia first plz, hechizo to seal the deal, and a besito on the mirror to thank myself for doing right by my face flesh (;

Favorite Brujita product (choose one!)
HOW DARE :/. Santa Limpia. I feel like I’m cheating on conviction. Cause that’s my boo. But I’ll say Santa Leemps.

Favorite product aside from Brujita?
I haven’t tried anything new in a while. Brujita works and I don’t feel the need to look elsewhere. Sorryyy ;)

Ritual advice?
Take your time when you can. Make the most out of even limited time by stopping to breathe at least three deep breaths in the mirror before you rush away from your sink. This is YOU time. Even if it’s only for a minute or two.

Daily quirk?Something you absolutely have to do everyday!
I serenade the alley behind my house. Loudly and vigorously. The past two months it’s been Alejandro Fernandez jams. Before that it was DaBaby.

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