Welcome to The Treatment! Every week I'll be opening fun, in depth discussions about skincare products and sharing my friends skincare rituals + secrets. This week I'm sharing my personal Ritual! 

Leah Guerrero



What do you do?
Im Creator and Founder of Brujita Skincare. I'm also an Esthetician of 12 years! Facials were my life until Brujita took over!

What is your skincare ritual?
My ritual is super simple but its a MUST everyday. I cleanse, hydrosol, moisturize and hydrosol. A few times a week, I'll add acupressure with my facial massage and a small high frequency machine. This allows my skin to stay hydrated and firm!

Favorite Brujita product (choose one!)
LOL! This is impossible for a Creator to pick one but I have to choose Hechizo! Hechizo has transformed my skin. I'm no longer lack luster and my skin just soaks it up. Cherry Kernel Oil became a favorite precious oil of mine quickly because of how amazing it smells. The properties in it are just so magical. I'm happy it became a Cult Favorite.

Favorite product aside from Brujita?
I use the Watermelon Creme Mask by Filthy Cosmetics. They are another WOC business out of GA. I have to use this mask once a week. If its not in my routine I can totally notice the difference so I'll be a customer forever. I also use soaps from Taproot Organics. A POC business from NJ and chef made! I'm a hydrosol, essence, holy sprays addict so I buy from small businesses like Casa Papalotl, Espejos Apothecary, Xicali Products.

Ritual advice?
Only do rituals that you find complete comfort in. Make sure you are listening to your body, mind and soul. The connection between yourself and ritual must feel natural. Being tender with yourself is vital during this process.

Daily quirk?Something you absolutely have to do everyday!
Tinctures and supplements! I take 8 supplement capsules that are specifically designed for my DNA ( wild right?). I also take a hair growth tincture, flower, spell essences from Organic Olivia and Rise Up Good Witch. This is HUGE for my ritual everyday. I don't feel the same without them!

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