Rituals: feat. Yomahra

Welcome to The Treatment! Every week I'll be opening fun, in depth discussions about skincare products and sharing my friends skincare rituals + secrets. I want to open up the first week with my partner Yomahra. We don't get to see amazing selfies like this all the time because she is usually busy behind the camera or making serious moves for Brujita.  



Los Angeles, Ca.

What do you do?
I'm Head of Operations at Brujita Skincare. This means I do a little bit of of everything. I’m in charge of creating and shooting all of our seasonal campaigns, designing new labels. sending out emails, running the Instagram page and I also make sure all shipments get out on time! 

What is your skincare ritual?
During my morning shower I cleanse with the Sea Algae Facial Cleanser. After I hop out of the shower I immediately spritz either chamomile or Peppermint hydrosol on my face (I keep one next to my shower) . I then follow up with a few drops of the Hechizo Facial Serum, spritz with a hydrosol again, apply Vegan Crema and once more spritz with a hydrosol. After I’ve taken care of my face, I moisturize my body with the Palo Santo + Jasmine Full Body Lotion. And that’s it. This is my skincare ritual every single day. Once or twice a week I will mask with the Conviction Facial Mask. It’s my favorite facial mask. I love the way it smells! I like to use it as a spot treatment too, especially during my period. During the summer I tend to breakout out my shoulders so I’ll hook up my shoulder area with conviction too.

Favorite Brujita product (choose one!)
Sea Algae Cleanser!!! This was part of the House of Brujita Collection and its coming back as a Brujita staple in March ;) 

Favorite product aside from Brujita?
I love Organic Olivia products. Leah put me on to them. I take their probiotic, mushroom immunity pill and elderberry every single day.

Ritual advice?
Skincare routines aren’t as scary and complicated as they seem! I didn’t start taking care of my skin until I was about 27 and it’s only because I didn’t know the importance of it and I didn’t realize how simple it actually was. So no matter your age, take care of your skin!!!

Daily quirk?Something you absolutely have to do everyday!
I swear by Organic Olivias Elderberry syrup. I have not gotten sick since I started taking it 6 months ago! I take two dropper fulls every single day.


Que emocion! I’m here for all of this!!

Monica Hurtado February 24, 2020

Love this!! Getting to know everyone better and learn about your products and other products is great!

Joanna February 23, 2020

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